french apple pie

There's a mental list of recipes that I need to make it through each season. It's a small list, and usually includes childhood favorites, foods that make our home smell like a scented candle, or something that includes a specific seasonal ingredient. In this case, it's for all of the above reasons that apple pie is on that list each fall. 

Growing up, one of our neighbors used to bring over a freshly baked apple pie each September. It had a buttery, crumbly, top and was filled with ooey gooey apples. It was perfectly balanced with sweet and tart notes and begged to be topped with a dollop {or a very large scoop} of vanilla ice cream. 

I had to re-create it. So - I reached out to this neighbor and she was kind enough to send me the below recipe for French Apple Pie. I made an eight inch pie, but used the topping recipe for the nine inch pie.  Does that move really need explaining? I think not. 

someone wanted in ... 

happy fall, friends!!


  1. that picture of emory is my favorite thing ever

  2. i, like Emory, want some pie.

  3. oooh this pie looks so wonderful! I love french apple pie

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  4. This should be in a magazine! Delish!